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BIOS Information BIOS信息
Vendor: Phoenix
Version: V1.28
Release Date: 07/20/2011
Address: 0xE2A20
Runtime Size: 120288 bytes
ROM Size: 1024 kB
ISA is supported
PCI is supported
PC Card (PCMCIA) is supported
PNP is supported
BIOS is upgradeable
BIOS shadowing is allowed
ESCD support is available
Boot from CD is supported
ACPI is supported
USB legacy is supported
AGP is supported
BIOS boot specification is supported
Targeted content distribution is supported

Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information 服务器品牌
Manufacturer: Acer
Product Name: TravelMate 8472G 没有信息表示非品牌或未识别
Version: Not Applicable
Serial Number: LXTYR0C0021510024D2501
UUID: 3FE19725-C751-F94A-9FBF-60EB694B4FF1
Wake-up Type: Power Switch
SKU Number: Not Specified
Family: Not Specified

Handle 0x0002, DMI type 2, 15 bytes
Base Board Information 主板型号/主板信息
Manufacturer: Acer
Product Name: BAP40-CP
Version: Not Applicable
Serial Number: 036EB8MBQTF00057
Asset Tag: Not Specified
Features: None
Location In Chassis: Not Specified
Chassis Handle: 0xFFFF
Type: Unknown
Contained Object Handles: 0

Chassis Information
Manufacturer: Acer
Type: Notebook
Lock: Not Present
Version: N/A
Serial Number: None
Asset Tag:
Boot-up State: Safe
Power Supply State: Safe
Thermal State: Safe
Security Status: None
OEM Information: 0x00001234
Height: Unspecified //服务器大小,有1 U,2 U等规格,我这里是普通笔记本安装linux,因此显示为Unspecified
Number Of Power Cords: Unspecified
Contained Elements: 0

Processor Information CPU信息/CPU型号/CPU主频
Socket Designation: CPU 1
Type: Central Processor
Family: Core i7
Manufacturer: Intel
ID: 55 06 02 00 FF FB EB BF
Signature: Type 0, Family 6, Model 37, Stepping 5
FPU (Floating-point unit on-chip)
VME (Virtual mode extension)
DE (Debugging extension)
PSE (Page size extension)
TSC (Time stamp counter)
MSR (Model specific registers)
PAE (Physical address extension)
MCE (Machine check exception)
CX8 (CMPXCHG8 instruction supported)
APIC (On-chip APIC hardware supported)
SEP (Fast system call)
MTRR (Memory type range registers)
PGE (Page global enable)
MCA (Machine check architecture)
CMOV (Conditional move instruction supported)
PAT (Page attribute table)
PSE-36 (36-bit page size extension)
CLFSH (CLFLUSH instruction supported)
DS (Debug store)
ACPI (ACPI supported)
MMX (MMX technology supported)
FXSR (FXSAVE and FXSTOR instructions supported)
SSE (Streaming SIMD extensions)
SSE2 (Streaming SIMD extensions 2)
SS (Self-snoop)
HTT (Multi-threading)
TM (Thermal monitor supported)
PBE (Pending break enabled)
Version: Genuine Intel(R) CPU
Voltage: 3.3 V
External Clock: 133 MHz
Max Speed: 3200 MHz
Current Speed: 2400 MHz
Status: Populated, Enabled
Upgrade: Slot 1
L1 Cache Handle: 0x0005
L2 Cache Handle: 0x0006
L3 Cache Handle: 0x0007
Serial Number: Not Specified
Asset Tag: Not Specified
Part Number: Not Specified
Core Count: 2
Core Enabled: 2
Thread Count: 4
64-bit capable

Physical Memory Array
Location: System Board Or Motherboard
Use: System Memory
Error Correction Type: None
Maximum Capacity: 8 GB 主板最大支持内存
Error Information Handle: Not Provided
Number Of Devices: 4

Memory Device Mapped Address
Starting Address: 0x00000000000
Ending Address: 0x0007FFFFFFF
Range Size: 2 GB 目前内存
Physical Device Handle: 0x0011
Memory Array Mapped Address Handle: 0x0017
Partition Row Position: Unknown
Interleave Position: Unknown
Interleaved Data Depth: Unknown


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